Self Care

Self-care. It is an important topic most people do not spend enough time thinking about.

Sesekali, kita diharuskan untuk mementingkan diri kita sendiri dibandingkan orang lain. It is not about being selfish but it is about love ourself. Diri kita juga memerlukan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang cukup dari diri kita sendiri. For example, wearing nice outfit in daily life. it is very simple thing to do but it’s mean so much for ourself. it’s bring happiness to us. another example is to do the thing we loved such as reading, singing, traveling, etc.

“Loving myself might be harder
Than loving someone else
Let’s admit it
The standards I made are more strict for myself
The thick tree rings in your life
It’s part of you, it’s you
Now let’s forgive ourselves
Our lives are long, trust yourself when in a maze

After winter, spring comes again” (Love myself-BTS)

Maybe it’s harder than loving someone but let’s face it. If you can’t love yourself so how you can love someone else?. A simple question but need a big thingking to answer.

Terimalah sisi burukmu dan perhatikan mereka, tonjolkan sisi baikmu. Make yourself as comfortable as you can. you can’t be perfect but you can be good.

So, let’s love ourself from a very little thing that can bring us happiness


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